Well, this blog hasn't seen to much action lately...for that matter, neither have I.

So...I am recruiting. Looking for a few good women, who love women, and sex.
Friendly personalities and a good sense of humor a must.

Someone to stir up some good discussions and kinky stories.
If you already have a blog so we can get a feel for you...(hehe)...let me know!

Email me, of just leave a link on the comments!


Next Generation Pads?

God, I fuckin hope not.

Take a look!


Taste in Woman

So I've been noticing that I seem to find the same kind of women attractive. Brunettes and dark haired women (black or deep red). I like them petite. Around 5'3, shapely waists and tits that are at least a B.

My concern comes that I like women that look like me. Does that make me conceded?


First Kiss

The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even the final surrender; because this kiss already has within it that surrender.
-Emil Ludwig

What a beautiful quote. Of course it makes me think of so many first kisses. My first kiss with my Deer (the one where I actually kissed back)…lustful, eager, shocking, dizzying, breathtaking, and unbelievably sexy. A collage of tongues, hands, lips, and need. My first kiss with my biker man…sweet, tasteful, and full of emotion. My first kiss with a girl…very sensual, delicate, and soft.

My best kiss ever I remember vividly. I was living out in the middle of no where at the time doing a bunch of nothing (I think they are calling it college now). It was the day before I was moving back home with the rents and I was delaying that as long as possible. So some of the girls and I decided to go out to the only club in town. For some reason, I got there and realized I had no cash. The guy at the door was nice enough to let me in. So on my way out, I was nice enough to give him my number. Than once I got to the cold out side, I sobered up for a sec and realized I was moving, what was the point of giving him my number? (amazing how the weather can have that effect on you.) So I went back down stairs and kissed him. More specifically, I pinned him to the wall and started going at it. Holly shit. It was the most amazing kiss I had ever experienced. (I say had because a kiss with emotions is a hundred times better). So a simple kiss turns into a massive make out session. The bouncer had to practically pry us off each other. He asked if I was going to be around tomorrow night, and I had to say yes. I changed all my plans just to stay one more night in town.

So the following night I meet him down town and we walked to his place that was on the way to mine. He happen to me moving too, so there was no furniture. Just one big hard wood floor room. Think that was going to stop us, oh no! Now, this man was an athlete or something. He mention what he did, but I wasn’t really listening. I think he said track or some crap like that. In any case.. he had the most amazing body. Now, I may be into men, but I have never lusted after the male body. For me is usually the personality that goes with it. Don’t get me wrong, physical appearance is important to me, ill admit it, but it is usually second to personality.

So any way…back to his amazing body. Very yum. He had the cut hips, amazing six pack, strong arms, and legs that wrapped around me perfectly. Now, I had mentioned to him earlier that the night was not going to be all that perfect. Aunt Flow was in town. Funny enough, he was still more than willing. While I’m sure it would have been an amazing lay, I just don’t play like that. I had my fun none the less, and will defiantly always remember.


For the Attention

I really do think some woman turn bi just as an attention getter. I give you for example, my recent night out with a girl I meet at the mall. She happen to sell me my cell phone. I had talked to her a few times and finally we agreed to go out dancing one night. She kept telling me that all her friends were gay and they went to gay clubs. I didn't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out she was gay or bi. When she found out I was bi, she was very shocked. Said I didn't 'look' bi (however that may be).

So we go out one night, having a good time and all. Now, I love to dance, I don't enjoy the guys that just stand around the dance floor and stare (drool is more like it). She seemed to be loving it. I also don't have a problem getting a little physical with a girl on the floor, but I don't enjoy making a spectacle of my self. This girl seemed to be getting off more on all the guys watching us, than me. Sometimes I just don't get women.

Thought I would do a poll for today. Colette and I had a discussion once on the dangers of materbating. If your an 'inserter' with nails, it can get dangerous. Gotta keep those edges smooth. So, my question to you all is you rub your self, rubbin g your finger tips across your lips...faster and faster until your nice and wet. Do you slip a finger or two in, sliding them in and out feverishly until your hand is soaked to the knuckles. Or do you leave your sweet and soft insides to be stimulated by a toy? Please let us know! -->


Science Behind the Pussy

So I went a while back for my traditional Brazilian bikini wax. Some my ask, why would you put your self though that! Well, to be honest, I love eating a smooth pussy, and love to feel mine feel that way. Nothing but the soft silky feel of skin.

But anyway, any of us who have done the wax thing or the shaving thing has probably experienced the occasional ingrown hair, or lil bump. My question is to my female strippers and porn stars. How on earth to you keep it so smooth? Is there like a science to it that I didn't learn about in high school? I must have missed that class.


Getting Out

I took a chance to other day. It’s been a while, but what’s that saying? Just get back on the saddle?

In any case, I asked a guy that works in my building our for drinks. My perception of him was this: a young professional who makes good money. Probably has a nice apartment, and knows how to have a good time. What I got? A college super senior!

(For those who are unaware of the breakdown- college freshmen are those who are new to the scene. Always going out to house or frat parties. Sophomores finally realize its better to have a house party and is always having a party at their house. Juniors are finally 21 and are out at the bar scene. Seniors are actually graduating, and super seniors are graduating slowly, or going for a second degree. Super seniors have also smartened up and have house party at other peoples houses…less clean up.)

So the date started well. Opening doors, out for ice cream, out for drinks at a nice bar. Even wiped down my bar stool before I sat down. So when he asked if I wanted to go to his place for some drinks, I had no reason to say no. Than, I got there. In the middle of no where. Granted, I had my car…and he had his. We were driving over the river and through the fuckin woods to get to this house in the middle of nowhere.

So we finally arrive, and low and behold, he has roommates! Two woman. It’s a complete college house! Booze and bitches. That was the conversation. So I figure, I’m at least going to get a piece of ass out of this. His room was like a dorm room. Only thing that would have make it worse was if the mattress was on the floor (I have to say, he had a very comfy mattress). Everything else was horrid! He didn’t kiss me so much as suck on my top lip, I could barely find his dick, and he was hard for a total of 30 seconds. A mini marshmallow had more substance than his load. The worst part? Now, this is new to me…girls, let me know if you have ever in your life seen or heard of something like this. Let me first say, I’m an attractive girl…not conceded, but attractive. Breasts are at least a handful, and thin shapely waist, and nice curvy hips. There is no need for what he did.

As I lay next to him, about to crawl on top…I was stopped by the sound of him…beating off! He was masturbating while a woman was right next to him! I was so insulted! What the hell was I supposed to think! I think I was too in shock to even cum. I can’t really say what happen after that. I’ve never left a guys place in the middle of the night, but I couldn’t wait to get out of there. He call the next day asking how I found my way home. I simply said, “I carry a map in my car for emergency situations. Every single woman should.”


Who doesn't want a taste of pink?

Lalita and I want to welcome you to our blog. Topics shall include, but are not limited to: sex; lust; sex with men; feminism; sex with women; gender politics; sex with sex toys; love and its infinite varieties; sex with ourselves; speculation about the bonds between women; bondage; friendship, and other forms of intimate bondage.
(And also Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Laurel K. Hamilton, and other bits of culture 'high' and 'low'.)
And not least this blog shall record what she and I are finding out about ourselves. Both of us identify primarily as hetero, yet both of us have been with women. Both of us are attracted to each other, yet at this time in our lives, agree --reluctantly!--not to act on this attraction to each other, to be friends.
(She makes it difficult though, she's such a hot sexy bitch!)
And if we can do that, it will be a friendship like no other I've had.
I've found it difficult to maintain friendships with women; I don't trust them to be honest with me, I don't always know what they're thinking, I don't understand what's going on when you ask someone what's wrong and she won't tell you.
I had a bad experience also with my one girlfriend, which I'll write about later.

Right now, Lalita and I are involved in some very complicated relationships with men, and we're both in transitional phases. It will be fascinating to see what the next few months bring to each of us, and I hope I can be there for her, to help her grow. She's an extraordinary woman, the sort I've always wanted for a best friend--each time we speak we discover more hidden similarities-- and I am honoured to be a part of her journey.

And she's part of mine.

*kiss* Lalita!