For the Attention

I really do think some woman turn bi just as an attention getter. I give you for example, my recent night out with a girl I meet at the mall. She happen to sell me my cell phone. I had talked to her a few times and finally we agreed to go out dancing one night. She kept telling me that all her friends were gay and they went to gay clubs. I didn't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out she was gay or bi. When she found out I was bi, she was very shocked. Said I didn't 'look' bi (however that may be).

So we go out one night, having a good time and all. Now, I love to dance, I don't enjoy the guys that just stand around the dance floor and stare (drool is more like it). She seemed to be loving it. I also don't have a problem getting a little physical with a girl on the floor, but I don't enjoy making a spectacle of my self. This girl seemed to be getting off more on all the guys watching us, than me. Sometimes I just don't get women.

Thought I would do a poll for today. Colette and I had a discussion once on the dangers of materbating. If your an 'inserter' with nails, it can get dangerous. Gotta keep those edges smooth. So, my question to you all is you rub your self, rubbin g your finger tips across your lips...faster and faster until your nice and wet. Do you slip a finger or two in, sliding them in and out feverishly until your hand is soaked to the knuckles. Or do you leave your sweet and soft insides to be stimulated by a toy? Please let us know! -->