First Kiss

The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even the final surrender; because this kiss already has within it that surrender.
-Emil Ludwig

What a beautiful quote. Of course it makes me think of so many first kisses. My first kiss with my Deer (the one where I actually kissed back)…lustful, eager, shocking, dizzying, breathtaking, and unbelievably sexy. A collage of tongues, hands, lips, and need. My first kiss with my biker man…sweet, tasteful, and full of emotion. My first kiss with a girl…very sensual, delicate, and soft.

My best kiss ever I remember vividly. I was living out in the middle of no where at the time doing a bunch of nothing (I think they are calling it college now). It was the day before I was moving back home with the rents and I was delaying that as long as possible. So some of the girls and I decided to go out to the only club in town. For some reason, I got there and realized I had no cash. The guy at the door was nice enough to let me in. So on my way out, I was nice enough to give him my number. Than once I got to the cold out side, I sobered up for a sec and realized I was moving, what was the point of giving him my number? (amazing how the weather can have that effect on you.) So I went back down stairs and kissed him. More specifically, I pinned him to the wall and started going at it. Holly shit. It was the most amazing kiss I had ever experienced. (I say had because a kiss with emotions is a hundred times better). So a simple kiss turns into a massive make out session. The bouncer had to practically pry us off each other. He asked if I was going to be around tomorrow night, and I had to say yes. I changed all my plans just to stay one more night in town.

So the following night I meet him down town and we walked to his place that was on the way to mine. He happen to me moving too, so there was no furniture. Just one big hard wood floor room. Think that was going to stop us, oh no! Now, this man was an athlete or something. He mention what he did, but I wasn’t really listening. I think he said track or some crap like that. In any case.. he had the most amazing body. Now, I may be into men, but I have never lusted after the male body. For me is usually the personality that goes with it. Don’t get me wrong, physical appearance is important to me, ill admit it, but it is usually second to personality.

So any way…back to his amazing body. Very yum. He had the cut hips, amazing six pack, strong arms, and legs that wrapped around me perfectly. Now, I had mentioned to him earlier that the night was not going to be all that perfect. Aunt Flow was in town. Funny enough, he was still more than willing. While I’m sure it would have been an amazing lay, I just don’t play like that. I had my fun none the less, and will defiantly always remember.