Anyone want a taste of pink?

Once again, sweet Colette has taken the words, 'like a secret voice speaking out of my bone'. (I'm sure I butchered that, but she gets what I'm saying). It's hard to say if this blog will be more about sex, or women or sex with women, of course men (who can live with out dick) and of course toys (for the times we want to live with out men, but not dick). It will be about all that Colette has listed and more. We hope that you will enjoy our outlet and find the time to share your thoughts, concerns, or kinky little secrets. ;)

We hope to grow this blog in to so much more, and with it, our friendship. I have never had the best of luck playing nice with women, takes to much work. But with my sweet Colette, it comes easy. I hope you will join us though our 'journey'. It might get a little messy, but clean up is half the fun. ;)