Getting Out

I took a chance to other day. It’s been a while, but what’s that saying? Just get back on the saddle?

In any case, I asked a guy that works in my building our for drinks. My perception of him was this: a young professional who makes good money. Probably has a nice apartment, and knows how to have a good time. What I got? A college super senior!

(For those who are unaware of the breakdown- college freshmen are those who are new to the scene. Always going out to house or frat parties. Sophomores finally realize its better to have a house party and is always having a party at their house. Juniors are finally 21 and are out at the bar scene. Seniors are actually graduating, and super seniors are graduating slowly, or going for a second degree. Super seniors have also smartened up and have house party at other peoples houses…less clean up.)

So the date started well. Opening doors, out for ice cream, out for drinks at a nice bar. Even wiped down my bar stool before I sat down. So when he asked if I wanted to go to his place for some drinks, I had no reason to say no. Than, I got there. In the middle of no where. Granted, I had my car…and he had his. We were driving over the river and through the fuckin woods to get to this house in the middle of nowhere.

So we finally arrive, and low and behold, he has roommates! Two woman. It’s a complete college house! Booze and bitches. That was the conversation. So I figure, I’m at least going to get a piece of ass out of this. His room was like a dorm room. Only thing that would have make it worse was if the mattress was on the floor (I have to say, he had a very comfy mattress). Everything else was horrid! He didn’t kiss me so much as suck on my top lip, I could barely find his dick, and he was hard for a total of 30 seconds. A mini marshmallow had more substance than his load. The worst part? Now, this is new to me…girls, let me know if you have ever in your life seen or heard of something like this. Let me first say, I’m an attractive girl…not conceded, but attractive. Breasts are at least a handful, and thin shapely waist, and nice curvy hips. There is no need for what he did.

As I lay next to him, about to crawl on top…I was stopped by the sound of him…beating off! He was masturbating while a woman was right next to him! I was so insulted! What the hell was I supposed to think! I think I was too in shock to even cum. I can’t really say what happen after that. I’ve never left a guys place in the middle of the night, but I couldn’t wait to get out of there. He call the next day asking how I found my way home. I simply said, “I carry a map in my car for emergency situations. Every single woman should.”